S.O.S. Save our Services

With the current funding crisis we need your help to save our library and all its services, please see below a number of videos articles and recordings on the matter.

Recording of Keys Questions 29/06/2021   Click here

Manx Radio interview 22-06-2021   Click here

BBC article 17-06-2021  Click Here

An open letter from Devon Watson of Douglas council to all Tynwald members

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Manx Radio news item

Chris Thomas' question in Tynwald

on 15-06-2021

Letters of support from FaceBook

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Click on the image for a letter you can send to your MHK


"I cannot understand why this amazing service does not receive Government funding when you consider the value it provides to the Island. It seems completely absurd.

What can we do to help???"

"I heard via facebook you are at risk of closing, and I only just arrived back on the Island. What can I do to help? Who do I email to get attention? I have been in canada for 7 years, and library there is fully funded by the government and was incredibly useful for not only getting kids to read, but for schools and social events and offering those who couldn't afford anything opportunities to borrow instruments, robots etc. I see in photos that you do a lot more than books, and would like to help where I can. Cheers"

"This should be fully funded by the government as an essential service to families and elderly. There should be no fundraising necessary, I think this service is invaluable for mothers and kids, social interaction and getting kids to read, as well as mobile access for those that cant. I cant believe this wasn't even more funded during covid, to help mental health during isolation. I hope people are emailing in and making it known, how sad it would be to lose such a service."

"We got a message in our local magazine reminding us to use our library or use it. Visit as many times as you can for photocopying, books, etc. Also encourage as many people to do the same and hopefully it will be saved."