Story Sacks

These are an invaluable resource for your classroom.  Based on a popular fiction book, each sack contains puppets, games, non-fiction books and further supporting materials.  They can be used to cover and supplement a range of learning activities to promote reading, listening and writing skills.

Farmer Duck

- Cloth sack,

- Fiction storybook,

- Nonfiction book, 

- guide and prompt,

- CD,

- Quack Quack game.

- soft  Farmer figure,

- Glove puppets : Duck, Cow, Hen and Lamb 

Teamwork, Farm animals

Fatou fetch the water

- Cloth sack

- Fatou Doll, Water well and accessories 

- two-piece scenery set 

- a Fetch the Water Collect game 

- 'And there's more...' audio CD and CD-Rom

Cultures and traditions of The Gambia.

Handa’s Surprise

- Handa's Surprise Book and DVD

- A is for Africa Book   

- And There's More...CD ROM

- cloth sack 

- Handa doll with fruit 

- finger puppets        

- masks - scenery

- African game of Mancala.


If Only…

- Cloth sack,

- Fiction storybook,

- Nonfiction book, 

- guide and prompt,

- CD,

- fabric playmat/display and puppets,

- picture card game

Life cycles Insects (butterflies) Self-esteem

Jack and the Beanstalk

- Jack and the Beanstalk book

- A Bean Story frieze

- parent prompt

- Jack and the Beanstalk storytelling doll

- pack of beans

- cloth sack

- Climb the Beanstalk game 

- audio CD.

Plants, Growing

Knickers and Pants

- Cloth sack 

- 2 fiction books

- 1 Animaths book

- lesson plans CD Rom

- Knickers and pants cards

Maths through story – patterns and shapes

Little Moon

- Little Moon book and CD

- solar system book

- play mat

- card game 

- guide

- cloth sack

Space, Solar System

Little Red Riding Hood

- Little Red Riding Hood book

- I Can Be Safe book

- parent prompt

- cloth sack

- Red Riding Hood storytelling doll

- memory game

- basket

- audio CD.

Stranger danger Staying safe

Room on the Broom

- Room on the Broom Book and CD

- 24 Piece Floor Puzzle

- Witch’s Hat

- Room on the Broom Songbook

- Room on the Broom Plush Witch

- Room on the Broom Set of 5 Toys

- dragon, frog, cat, dog and bird

- cloth sack

- scenery

- parent prompt


Shaun the Shy Shark

- Storybook,

- a non-fiction book,

- scenery,

- 8 plush toy sea creatures,

- fishing game,

- CD-ROM with audio,

- Teachers and Parents Guides and activities.

Sea creatures Feelings – shyness Bullying

The Bad Tempered Ladybird

- Cloth sack,

- Fiction storybook,

- Nonfiction book, 

- guide and prompt,

- soft toy Ladybird,

- 14 felt finger puppets,

- Game of Ladybirds.

Telling the time Feelings

The Gruffalo Storysack

- Cloth sack

- Gruffalo Hand Puppet,

- Squirrel, Fox, Mouse, Snake, Owl,

- Official 2-in-1 Jigsaw,

- Background Scenery,

- Parent Guide and Parent Prompt,

- Forest Fact Book and a Gruffalo Story Book with a CD.


The Journey Home from Grandpa’s

- Cloth sack,

- Fiction storybook and CD,

- Non-fiction book,

- guide and prompt,

- Fabric Playmat and 9 soft vehicle toys

- Spaghetti Junction game.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

- Cloth sack,

- fiction storybook and audio CD,

- nonfiction book, 

- guide and prompt,

- soft figures : big and small caterpillars, leaf and egg, butterfly, food items and cocoon,

- 2 in 1 puzzles.

Numeracy Healthy eating Life cycles

Three Little Billy Goats Gruff

. Three Billy Goats Gruff book and CD

· Fair Trade wooden goats and troll Set

· river playmat

· parent prompt

· cloth sack

· Why do I feel scared book

· Greedy Gorilla game

Being brave – feeling scared


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