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About the Library

The Family Library is a long established service that reaches all ages and every corner of the Island - very much part of the social glue that holds our community together.


At the headquarters on Westmoreland Road young readers can borrow from large collections of books, CDs and DVDS as well as

taking part in wide-ranging activities and events that encourage expression and imagination that nurture an enquiring mind. We focus on learning by stealth and ensure that young people learn a little bit about life skills or discover hidden talents through a process of fun and creativity.


The library is one of the important bridges for young people, between school and home, where they can find out who they are and discover confidence, independence and understanding.


The Schools Service not only brings regular book exchanges to schools but also offers wide-ranging support material for teachers to use in their classes. These exchanges help teachers expand the scope of a topic and enrich the pupils' learning experience.


Class visits to the library create excitement for pupils as soon as they see the large collections of books, listen to stories and experience a taster of the creative work do throughout the week.

The Mobile Library is for people in rural areas on the Island and for anyone (young and old) who is unable to get to their local library.


The main vehicle, a library on wheels, has over 2600 books and audiobooks to suit all  tastes. It is also a great place to meet people, have a ‘skeet’ and find out what is happening where you live. Great friendships have been made on the Mobile Library.


A smaller vehicle travels around the Island visiting people in their own homes, in locations that the larger vehicle cannot reach.  The staff can choose a selection of books and audio books and deliver them to your door.

Also, our unique Bibliotherapy service provides contact and conversation for groups - to maintain a healthy and active mind.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you're interested in any of our services. Our dedicated staff love to help you find your next great read and much, much more! Tel: 640650

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