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This project was pioneered on the Island by the Mobile Library. It involves getting together to chat about books, poems, photographs or artefacts that are supplied by the Library.

This is a friendly service offered to anyone who feels they will benefit from it. Usually it takes place at a location nearby with a group of people but it can also be done on a one to one basis.


This service is an extension to our Home Library Service and offers a social activity to prevent isolation and loneliness. It allows people to engage with others to keep their mind active whilst having friendly discussions around the topics suggested by our Librarians.

Maintaining a healthy and active mind


We have a vast collection of stock to choose from so subjects will be updated regularly and range from historical periods in the Isle of Man, to Childhood, Holidays, Hobbies, Pets, Travel and many more.

It is not necessarily aimed at people who read but those who have a mutual interest around books and photographs and enjoy talking and listening.


If you think you may be interested in
joining one of these sessions or
becoming a member of the Home
Library Service please contact us to

Phone: 640650


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